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We at Assiduuz are dedicated to the work which will help the education system in India to develop and thrive digitally. We aim to transform the education in such a way that the students will capitalize the full capabilities of the digitization to learn and gain the upper edge in this competitive world.

We at Assiduuz strives to provide complete architectural solutions for Digitization in Education. We offer services, implementation and training for Microsoft Education Products.

Our partnership with Microsoft aims to develop the educational infrastructure in India which will help the students to grow and learn in the most efficient way.

Digitization is not limited to the Projectors. We offer the most advanced learning tools through which the students will learn the mechanism of working interactively and thus apply the solution effectively.

The learning tools include “One Note” which is the most effective digital book / notebook available today. Along with “One Note”, we offer Teams, Sway, Planner, Yammer which offers different functionality to study interactively.

With our solutions, the students will not only study interactively but will enjoy and excel in their learning which ultimately leads to a better and prosper future.



Curriculum Management Services

We provide our services in initial curriculum structure creation for the schools.

Depending upon the curriculum which is being followed in the School.

CBSE/ICSE/IB/IGCSE/State Board: Designing the school’s infra over the cloud as per the norm of Board of Educations, school is affiliated to.

All the PDF’s textbook pre-uploaded in the students one note.

Creating of students and teacher space for self-assessment and practise.

Creation of task and progress plans on Planner for school management and integrated managed services.

Compiling and creation of groups as per the classrooms.

Assigning the required application and cloud licenses to each student and teachers.

Configuration of the Principals Planner portal for supervision of entire school’s performance syllabus progress.

Helping the school management to apply the initial restrictions on the devices used.

Our team includes well trained IT professionals who will collaborate with teacher on one to one basis and understand the roadmap of yearly syllabus and after a proper planning will architect the learning environment.



Assets Management Services

We understand that selecting the best device which suits the purpose and suits the pocket can be a huge task for school management. Hence, we provide an assets management service plan in our services packages.

Assiduuz provides a range of student notebooks to offer which are customised according to the requirements of educational organisation only.

We have shortlisted the Microsoft’s recommendations for the use of Microsoft Education products and crafted 3 top-notch devices. We call it modern day NOTEBOOK.

We also provide our valuable customer with an option to customise the specifications of these products.

The best part is you get these notebooks in way lesser price than any available in the market.

We provide a line of products recommended for the students and teachers user.

Moreover, we also cover 1-year hardware support for free with our assets management services and 5% redundancy of a purchase of every 500 such notebooks.



Support Service

We at Assiduuz understands our need of good education and are not only providing initial services but promise to support out valuable clients with our fully qualified and well-trained support staff. Any issue! just get in touch with our support team and consider the solution on its way.

Our team includes some of the highly trained engineers, very well experience in handling critical issues for different Microsoft technologies. Worked for clients from throughout the world and excel in their respective technologies. We make sure you are in safe hands and it is our top most priority that the engineer you are getting along with must understand the ins and outs of his area.

In our managed support services, we provide two very feasible packages:

Our clients have an option for choosing the level of support as per there requirements

  1. On Site support service: At any given point in business hours, a team of two qualified onsite engineers will be available in the premises and will work their heart out to get your concerns fixed 😊
  2. Remote Support services: By logging in the service request with our remote support engineering team you get the quality support service on call with a remote session demonstration.

Our Clients have the full liberty to opt for any level of support services mentioned above.

Training Services


There are 3 phases for a solution to work effectively. It is designing, implementing and working. We help the educational institute in all the 3 phases so that a solution could work and thrive properly.

Designing and Implementation are completely managed by us. However, for the working part, we require the collaboration of the staff members as they are the one who have expertise on imparting the knowledge.

We provide our training services to the staff and students so that they can be able to utilize the digital educational tools in the best possible way which will leads to their overall development. Our training services includes:

  • Helping the staff members to understand our product and how to use them in the most effective way.
  • Helping the students on how to use our digital educational products so that they will be able to interact and learn effectively.
  • We also help the staff members on how to provide the secure learning environment.
  • Managing the complete school curriculum.
  • We provide “on request” training after we finish our initial training phase.

Our Services.. Our Pride..Making a difference in education and learning ..Bringing smiles on faces in classroom and making learning an amazing phenomenon.





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