The Digitization Mantra

Assiduuz, a word derived from Latin word assiduous which means showing great care and perseverance .

By Binish Babu


So whatever we do, if we do not know for what purpose we are doing that activity then it is better not to do anything. One should know why they are studying. There could be multiple answers to it ranging from learning new things to fulfill their dreams and making a difference in one’s and other’s life.

So one thing that we agree upon is that a good learning and a better education system will secure the child’s future in terms of learning and thus better financial stability as skills and learning will always stays with us. What our current education method offering is excellent and it has been following since a very long time but for how long? There is no fault in our current education imparting method but what if the child is bound to achieve something much bigger and effectively as one might never would with our traditional method. What we want is that the children should actively pursue the learning with excitement because if there is no excitement then there is no learning.

Imagine when the parents and teachers not need to run after the Children rather they will run after them to make them listen and see their creativity.

we are excited to see the level of interaction and skills our cuties will develop through learning in a digitized way. Yes, the truth that we believe and said above comes with digitization. Digitization offers a wide array of methods through which the students will not only develop an enormous skill set but also will start loving the idea of studying, which we know is something every parents and teacher aspire for and which doesn’t happen :P.

Interaction is one of the key thing which help a student to grow and know more. We all have friends (even the lonely guy has one friend), and we share a lot of things with them apart from what we are taught in the classroom. Now what we observed is that we tend to interact about things which makes us excited and curious which never is the case with our classroom study but what we also observed is that studying through digitized way brings that excitement and curiosity as the whole mechanism of studying went to a different level. And that is the sole reason why the “Interactive Classroom” is implemented by majority of the schools now.


Interaction, sharing and togetherness is what makes a person evolve. Digitization brings that Interaction and sharing. Oh, what about togetherness??? Well that is the byproduct of Interaction and Sharing, which will automatically come when we interact and share :D. Well we spoke a lot about Digitized way of education, but what exactly is this way? We will figure it out soon and post :P.

Stay in tune for the next post 🙂

Happy Digitization !!!