About Us


A step towards making learning a better and interesting experience for school going students.

Using the best possible technology available in the universe, we ensure that student grasps most of the information and use it to enlighten the future for their family, country and eventually humanity.

We believe technology can inspire creativity in today’s classrooms, where the makers of tomorrow reside. This next generation of creators embrace technology as their first language; learn by collaborating and communicating with anyone in the world; and create with touch, command with voice, and conceptualize in 3D and upcoming dimensions of life.

Our Mission

Assiduuz Cloud solutions specialises in ICT services and solutions, and eager to provide excellent customer service to Schools, Academies, Multi Academy Trusts and the Public Sector where we want to establish a mark in Indian Educational sector. We understand that every customer has different requirements and therefore we offer a range of products, services and solutions to accommodate every type of budget.


We use a set of educational products and services that’s affordable and easy-to-manage —inspired by teachers and students and streamlined for performance and simplicity.

Combining technology with learning we ensure that interest of an individual not only in learning but also in teaching becomes interesting. A student can avail all the knowledge from the internet world available in a very supervised manner.

Access to unlimited information is merely a click away with full supervision of faculty and guardians.

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